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 and your name and address including the Zip Code.
We will respond within 24 hours with the total cost and a link for payment. YOU decide on the purchase at that time.
Live in the Rochester, NY area? Pickup is available. Choose your tires on the Inventory Page and then call us for pick up times.

Tires are listed here in either Pairs or Sets of Four.
A PAIR has two tires listed, each with a separate Stock number (1/2 and 2/2) and has a P#.
Sets of four will have four tires listed, each with a separate Stock number (1/4, 2/4, 3/4 and 4/4) and has a Q#.

If you need a single tire, please email us with the exact size and make and your complete address including zip code.
We will check our inventory, quote the shipping and will respond within 24 hours.
We grade our tires according to the average tread depth remaining.
A1 = 9/32
A2 = 8/32
A3 = 7/32
B1 = 6/32
B2 = 5/32
C1 = 4/32

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Stock #     Size           Grade     Make and Type    Pair or Quad     Price      P/Q#

A6642P    P205/70R15        A3B1    General Ameri-Tech ST              1/2   
R6288P    P205/70R15        A3B1    General Ameri-Tech ST              2/2              2/70.00      P6346

R6271P    P205/70R15             A3    Goodyear Eagle GA                     1/2  
R6272P    P205/70R15             A3    Goodyear Eagle GA                    2/2               2/75.00       P6339

R6278P    P205/70R15             A3    Goodyear Invicta GA                 1/2  
R6279P    P205/70R15             A3    Goodyear Invicta GA                 2/2              2/75.00        P6343

S181P       P205/70R15               C1    Nokian WR                                  1/2  
S313P       P205/70R15               C1    Nokian WR                                 2/2              2/30.00       P2852

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