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These tires are recovered from new car dealerships. We do not get retreads or tires from junked cars. Many have an excellent tread depth remaining (A1-A3) while some are "just get by" (C1-C2). Most (B1-B2) will give you excellent service. We begin by hand sorting all tires to choose those with sufficient tread and/or good general appearance for the potential reuse as a quality used tire. These tires are then inspected visually and with air inflation equipment to determine that they hold air and are worn evenly. Then the tread depth is measured and a grade assigned according to the tread depth remaining. Graded tires are sold here and also in our eBay auctions and eBay store.
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Here are some things to be prepared for when you buy used tires:

  • All tires begin a process of losing the oil in them as soon as they are put on a vehicle.
  • All used tires will show some crazing.
  • Used tires may have patches or plugs. If these are well seated and holding air, they are safe to drive on.
  • Certain brands develop cracks in the tread more readily than others. When we inspect them, we can see if they are deep or merely superficial. We throw away anything that is unsafe.
  • Sidewall scuffs and minor scratches and cuts are present. These do not detract from the safety or usability of the tires.
  • We sell USED TIRES, not take-offs or tires from junk yards. These are good usable tires.
  • If you have never bought used tires before, please be prepared to see tires that have been used but still have some life in them.

Glossary of Important Terms

The combination of letters and numbers that descibe the size of a tire i.e. P205/70R15.

The relationship of a tires height to its width. This is expressed as a number which represents the nominal percent the tire's height is of its width i.e 70 or 75.

A code signifying that the tire complies with the Department of Transportation safety standards. The DOT code contains a designator that identifies the tire's manufacturer, production plant, date of production and brand of tire.

A uniform way of mearuring tires using metric sizes originally introduced by American tire manufacturers in 1977. A typical measurement is P18570R13.

The diameter of a tire rim , measured where the tire seats on the rim i.e.13, 14, 15".

Tires with the same aspect ratio i.e. 70 series

The combination of tire width, construction type, aspect ratio and rim size used in measuring tires.
Some common sizes are P185/80R13, P195/75R14, P205/75R15, P225/60R16.

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